Access Ubuntu of Amazon Instance using Putty

Putty software can be used to connect amazon instance remotely.

Required thing to connect to amazon ubuntu instance.
  • IP address or Hostname
  • SSH port 22 firewall allowed port
  • Username
  • Amazon newly generated key
During the launch of Ubuntu instance you may have download Key which is a password, encrypted in RSA algorithm and helps telnet or SSH application to access Amazon instance.

Download PuttyGen.exe and load your download amazon key to generate private key.

Open puttygen > load your amazon key in puttygen > Click save private key button to save the generate file.

  • Open putty > Go to session from category list
  • Enter "" in hostname or ip address area in putty session where ubuntu is username and after @ is a ip address or hostname 
  • Port is "22" which is a default port standard for ssh
  • Go to Connection from category list > SSH > Auth
  • Private key file for  authentication there you have to load the putty generate private key not amazon download file.
  • Now click open button to see the amazon terminal.
If it is not opening then make sure to see your instance status and ip address.

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