DNS Changer Checkup - Protect your pc from Malware

Monday Malware was really infected your computer ? 
Well, FBI announced that they are going to shutdown many internet server on monday (09/07/2012) because of malware infection.

To verify whether your system was really infected or not

visit this link - http://www.dns-ok.us/

If your DNS resolution is Green then your system was not infected
If your DNS resolution is Red then your system was infected with this malware

A small piece of computer malware coding called DNS Changer which connects you to temporary server like facebook.com, youtube.com,abcnews.com from the last month and you have never noticed about it.
This temporary server redirection will happen to only those people whose computer is infected.

Why create this kind of malware.

Millions of people make money from the internet using advertisement and advertiser pays you only when the ads is click but these hackers are really smart for creating a malware which makes more revenue for them without user clicks.

Domain Name server has its own ip address for every registered domain. When you enter the domain name then it will resolve the domain name with its ip address to locate the server from the web.

DNS Changer - Malware
DNS changer will redirect to the paid internet server. When you enter the domain name then it will redirect to the paid internet server domain.This DNS Changer is not standard and its made because of these hackers who were thinking to make money in wrong way and this leads distraction for a million of internet user.


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