IRCTC Quick Booking Trick

Preregister your IRCTC reservation form to book the railway tickets immediately. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) always begin ticket booking at 8 AM morning .

 If you have speed with keyboard then you can reserve book tickets quickly but what about others who are not having a good speed with keyborad?

Steps for Quick Booking Trick for IRCTC

  • Before 10 minutes of 8 Am that is exactly 7:50 Am or what ever time before ten minutes visit this website  and fill all your reservation details in this form.
irctc quick booking form
  • Once you complete the registration forms click I am Feeling Lucky  button then you will seeing a new button called Magic Auto fill
  • Drag this  Magic Auto fill  button to your browser bookmark
  • Now Login To IRCTC with your credential and find your train
irctc reservation form

  • Proceed to registration form and click  Magic Auto fill link from your Browser bookmarks 
  • Automatically it will place all your reservation details into IRCTC reservation form.
  • That's It . Make the payment and get your tickets.

IRCTC offers ticketing system First come First Server concept.Thanks to Digital Inspiration for making this good facility for Indian users.


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