Google Maps 8-bit Version : April Fool By Google

Nintendo and Square Enix Gaming Device can be used to view the Google Maps 8-bit version.

Google Maps is available for Desktop, Smartphone, Tablets and now Google engineers understood the importance of Maps for Gaming devices that runs 8-bit version of games on your TV using Nintendo and Square Enix.

Google Casette
Cassette for Google Maps 8- bit version

Google Maps
Original Google Maps Version

Modified 8 bit Version Google Maps.
All this is made by Google for April Fool 2012..... 

May be you can try this 8 - bit Version of Google Maps on your browser visit this and click on Quest button

Wanna see another April fool day from Google Search.... Google china is greeting with animated wallpaper on the search result page just search this "Qingming" from your browser.


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