Switch From Blogspot.xx to Blogspot.com

Learn how you can switch from example.blogspot.xx to example.blogspot.com where xx is the country redirection like the following

country name -  country code
india - in
pakistan - pk
australia -au

Due to some technical or censorship reason google made the changes to all blog but there is no problem for blogger hosting using custom domain.

Recently i found a script for solving the issue. Just place this script in your blog template and save it and now when you visit your example.blogspot.com then you will get the same and no redirection to a country specific.

Note: Before you do some changes on your blogger template take a copy of your template and do it on your own risk.
var host = document.location.hostname;
var parts = host.split(/\./);
    var url = 'http://'+parts[0]+'.'+parts[1]+'.com/ncr'+document.location.pathname;
    document.location = url;

Other Tips: suppose if you are typing google.com and if it is redirecting to some country specific like google.co.in or google.co.pk then you can still visit google.com by typing google.com/ncr


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