Amazon S3 Prices go down - Effect from Feb 1 2012

Amazon is getting a large number of new customer and when it grows they want to reduce the drive storage reduction for Simple Storage Service again Amazon is made the customer satisfaction from the effect of Feb 1 2012.

Here is the effect price of Amazon S3 for US Region....

StorageOld (GB / Month)New (GB / Month)
First 1TB$0.140$0.125
Next 49TB $0.125 $0.110
Next 450TB$0.110$0.095
Next 500TB$0.095$0.090
Next 4000TB$0.080$0.080 (no change)
Over 5000TB$0.055$0.055 (no change)
And for other region visit this link .

Updated : Good news for indian because amazon launched a new shopping portal for indians are known as


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