Graduate Management Admission Test Preparation And Tips

GMAT ( Graduate Management Admission Test ) is not a test for "WHAT YOU KNOW" its a test "HOW YOU THINK".

  When you appear for GMAT exams you should know the three essential tips for getting better marks.

1.Primary focus on logic
  • Modifiers, Comparisons, and Verb Tenses 
  • GMAT will never ask you to describe the grammatical terminology
2.Decision point
  • Be Strong in verbs
  • Be Good in reading skills
3.Lighten your load
  • Long sentence will be provided but read it very clearly in the first instance for time consumption
for example :- Google was founded by two students, Larry, whose father, Carl, was a professor, and Sergey. 

 In this sentence you need to analyze who founded Google and whose father is Carl. Too many commas and long sentence will confuse you but be smart......

Google founders are Larry and Sergey and Carl is a father of Sergey.

  • Don't make sentence correction 
If you are using computers then you can do this with single right click but in GMAT you need you show your excellence.

What  is required to prepare for GMAT Exams ?
  • Quantitative Lesson - Mathematical Essentials
  • Diagnostics test - Skills
  • Fundamental Quantitative concepts like percentage, fractions, inequalities and exponents
This test will definitely helps you to enhance you skills.VeritasPrep gmat prep


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