Find Your Friends other Website or Blog using Adsense

Find out how many website or blog your friends have on the world wide web using Google adsense Id.

Google Adsense becomes a way to make money online but people who used Google adsense for the first blog or website its going to grown the number of websites or blog as he/she earn money.

Blekko Search - Online spam free search engine that uses slash tag to search anything from the web.

Blekko search also help you to find your friends others website or blog if they use Google adsense ads on their personal domain.

How to Trace or How to Find out

  • Visit your friends website ( If there is Google Adsense then proceed to next step else leave it)
  • View the source code of your friends website and copy the Adsense Id which will be like this ca-pub-123456 
  • Copy the numeric part of adsense id i.e., 123456
  • Now visit the Blekko search and in the search engine box put "/adsense=123456" without quotes
  • Search engine will show you how many website is your friend having on the world wide network.

Note - Adsense Id - is a unique id provided by Google for every Adsense publisher that helps Google to track the reports and user from any website........


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