Best Expense Manager App For Your Android Phone

This is the best android app for managing your daily expense. This app is designed based on best user experience (means : You don't have to type the description text and amount). Everything can be done in a couple of clicks.

Eye catching user interface and user friendly screen space for your fast action & wizard mode designed, so you can rest your fingers without typing it.

I have really enjoyed making the app and i hope this will be very useful app for our daily life. Share this article to help us for building the great features and enhanced functionalities.

App Logo

Screen Shots

Elegant User Interface with catchy icons 

Select the amount range without typing it 

Do the small amount changes and save it.

Daily Expenses Report
Monthly Summary Report

Expenses Category List  Food ExpenseBeverages ExpenseTravel ExpenseVeg. ExpenseRecharge ExpenseCharity ExpenseMeat ExpenseShopping ExpensePetrol ExpenseFruits ExpenseHealth Care ExpenseRent ExpenseEvent ExpenseVacation ExpenseOther Expense - A…

Galaxy Nexus Global release

With its release in the UK, those waiting for the newest version of Android have been scouring the Internet and carrier announcements for when they might get hold of the device in their own countries. The launch comes at a heartening time for Android as new figures show it is now the most popular smartphone platform in the UK, joining the US and Japan.

The Galaxy Nexus is probably the biggest Android device on the market right now. With its 4.65 inch Super AMOLED HD screen, a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 16GB or 32GB of internal storage it is a powerful device. Add to that a 5 megapixel camera on the back with LED flash and a 1.3 Megapixel camera on the front for voice calls along with a 1080p video it matches the capability of its competitors. Bring to the mix Android 4.0 and it becomes an irresistible device for those who have made the move to Google’s operating system.

Galaxy Nexus contracts will be available in Japan imminently. Carrier NTT DoCoMo says they will be selling the Nexus. The price hasn’t been released yet but since Android overtook Apple in japan over the summer it is likely to be a popular device.

Meanwhile in the US, rumours have circulated online about when the handset might become available. It is rare for a device to become available in the UK and Europe before the US, something that has baffled some American bloggers. However their wait is likely to be approaching its end as one website published a screenshot from Best Buy; the Galaxy Nexus now appears on their inventory system. It suggests the device will be available from 11th December. While the handset might be in stock from that date, it may not necessarily be on the shelves. Verizon Wireless has been announced as the carrier for the device but it has not formally announced a launch date yet. Pre-orders have already begin for the device on Bell and Virgin Canada before its release in the middle of the month.

Despite not having released official sales figures for the Galaxy Nexus in the UK, one Samsung executive has said they expect the firm’s smartphone sales to beat its targets in 2011, thanks in part to the success of the Galaxy range. Samsung has bookended the year with two powerful devices, both which in their own way will transform the smartphone marketplace, further developing and establishing Android’s position among consumers. Now the most popular operating system for smartphones in the UK, US and Japan the Nexus looks set to complete a successful year for Samsung. Some may accuse its US launch of being bungled but Android phone contracts have had a phenomenal year, and it is unlikely a delay will put of users who wait on tenterhooks for the new handset to arrive.

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No.This is a guest post by Simon from Mobile Phone.

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