How To Create Online Feedback or Survery Form For Free

Learn how you can create an online form for free.Google Docs is the best online office web apps tool that lets you to create, edit,share and collaborate the docs, spreadsheets, drawings, presentations and finally forms.

Suppose if you want a survey or you want a feedback from the end user then you should have the knowledge of creating forms, storage and finally you need web hosting to publish this page and then only, you will get your survey answers and feedbacks, but without knowing of it you can do this with the help of Google Docs.

To Do That
  • Go to Google Docs.
  • Create a new Forms.
  • Enter your survey or feedback question like the below image where technology innovation created title, question and help for the question.
Create Online Google Docs Forms For Free
  • Select the theme from the gallery for your online form ( Navigate to top left there you have theme link)

  • Technology Innovation chosen Garden theme for this feedback form and after that you can see the output of your created form .
  • That's It now you have created your online form and now its time for you to provide a feedback about our Technology Innovation Blog here is link for your feedback.
After creating the online form you have published this feedback link in your website or email or sms and now you want to see the end users opinion.

To view the end users opinion

  • Go to Google Docs
  • The form you created that form title name will be appear in Google docs but it will be in Spreadsheet.
  • View the response from the spreadsheet itself.


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