Convert Flash SWF into HTML 5 - Google Swiffy Labs

Google Swiffy is a new product from Google Labs that helps you to convert your flash swf files into
html 5.

Here is an example of it

Swiffy Animation Example

If you have designed flash based website then here is a chance for you to convert your flash based website into html 5 based website so that it will worked on all browser and also on the smartphone browser.

Google Converted Some Flash SWF Files into HTML 5


  • Innovation for transformation
  • Resolution effect after applying with Swiffy

Here is a Gallery Link of Google Swiffy Labs.


  1. I don’t think Flash is the one that requires a lot of computing power, it’s the fact of decompressing and decoding a very complex data in real time called “Digital Video”, or you think HTML5 wont use the processor exhaustively to achieve a realtime HD video decoding ?, smoothly and leaving some computing for the another tasks ?, like Flash actually does it ?, yes its a lot of computing power, but for seeing a Full HD video (1920×180) at a 60fps, in full screen and my computer still alive for another tasks…Flash makes transparent the hardware calls implementation for the developers, with swf to html5 converter you will need to deal with conversion of flash to html5 players by rendering a lot of hardware engines, then multi-platform apps will be a true headache for the developers, the same problem than always: HTML hacks for each browser but with a more complex technology: HTML5


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