Samsung 3G HSPA Mobiles

HSPA (High Speed Packet Access ) is a 3G Family that provide a highspeed of download and upload between 14.4 mbps or 21.6 mbps depending upon the device.
Below are Samsung Handsets that supports 3G With HSPA.

Samsung 920SC
Samsung A501
Samsung A597
Samsung A657
Samsung A667
Samsung A687
Samsung A711
Samsung A717
Samsung A727
Samsung A737
Samsung A767
Samsung A777
Samsung A797
Samsung A817
Samsung A827
Samsung A837
Samsung A867
Samsung A877
Samsung A887
Samsung A897
Samsung A927
Samsung B2710
Samsung B2710D
Samsung B3730
Samsung B5100
Samsung B6520
Samsung B7300
Samsung B7320
Samsung B7330
Samsung B7330R
Samsung B7350
Samsung B7610
Samsung B7620
Samsung B7722
Samsung C5130S
Samsung C5220
Samsung C6620
Samsung C6625
Samsung F310
Samsung F330
Samsung F400
Samsung F480i
Samsung F490
Samsung F500
Samsung F510
Samsung F700
Samsung G400L
Samsung G800
Samsung I200
Samsung I450
Samsung I520
Samsung I550
Samsung I5500
Samsung I5503
Samsung I5508
Samsung I5510
Samsung I5800
Samsung I5801
Samsung I600
Samsung I607
Samsung I620
Samsung I637
Samsung I640V
Samsung I6410
Samsung I6420
Samsung I6500U
Samsung I7110
Samsung I7500L
Samsung I780
Samsung I8000
Samsung I8320
Samsung I8510
Samsung I8520
Samsung I8910
Samsung I897
Samsung I9000
Samsung I9000M
Samsung I9010
Samsung I907
Samsung I9088
Samsung I917
Samsung J758
Samsung L760S
Samsung L770
Samsung L770S
Samsung L778
Samsung L810V
Samsung L811
Samsung M5650
Samsung M7500
Samsung M8800
Samsung M8910
Samsung P1000
Samsung P1000N
Samsung P930
Samsung P940
Samsung P960
Samsung S3370B
Samsung S3370E
Samsung S5350
Samsung S5500E
Samsung S5510T
Samsung S5530
Samsung S5550
Samsung S5580
Samsung S5600
Samsung S5600B
Samsung S5620
Samsung S5630C
Samsung S5658
Samsung S5753E
Samsung S6700
Samsung S6888
Samsung S7230
Samsung S7330
Samsung S7550
Samsung S8000
Samsung S8000B
Samsung S8000L
Samsung S8003
Samsung S8300V
Samsung S8500
Samsung S8500B
Samsung S8500L
Samsung S8500M
Samsung SCH-H120
Samsung SCH-M480
Samsung SCH-M490
Samsung SCH-M710
Samsung SCH-M830
Samsung SCH-W110
Samsung SCH-W120
Samsung SCH-W130
Samsung SCH-W240
Samsung SCH-W290
Samsung SCH-W300
Samsung SCH-W320
Samsung SCH-W330
Samsung SCH-W350
Samsung SCH-W360
Samsung SCH-W380
Samsung SCH-W410
Samsung SCH-W420
Samsung SCH-W450
Samsung SCH-W460
Samsung SCH-W555
Samsung SCH-W610
Samsung SCH-W690
Samsung SCH-W690S
Samsung SCH-W720
Samsung SCH-W750
Samsung SCH-W860
Samsung SPH-M6200
Samsung SPH-W1100
Samsung SPH-W2100
Samsung SPH-W2500
Samsung SPH-W3000
Samsung SPH-W3300
Samsung SPH-W3400
Samsung SPH-W3600
Samsung SPH-W5100
Samsung SPH-W5200
Samsung SPH-W5300
Samsung SPH-W5310
Samsung SPH-W5500
Samsung SPH-W7100
Samsung SPH-W8000
Samsung SPH-W8200
Samsung SPH-W9705
Samsung T356
Samsung T469
Samsung T479
Samsung T479B
Samsung T566
Samsung T669
Samsung T669B
Samsung T749
Samsung T849
Samsung T939
Samsung T959
Samsung U700
Samsung U900L
Samsung Z115
Samsung Z368
Samsung Z540V
Samsung Z560
Samsung Z560V
Samsung Z570
Samsung Z600
Samsung Z610
Samsung Z630
Samsung Z720



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