Panasonic 3G HSPA Mobiles

HSPA (High Speed Packet Access ) is a 3G Family that provide a highspeed of
download and upload between 14.4 mbps or 21.6 mbps depending upon the
Below are Panasonic Handsets that supports 3G With HSPA.

Panasonic 3G HSPA Mobiles

Panasonic 002P
Panasonic 830P
Panasonic 832P
Panasonic 840Pe
Panasonic 841P
Panasonic 842P
Panasonic 930P
Panasonic 931P
Panasonic 941P
Panasonic FomaP701iD
Panasonic FomaP900i
Panasonic FomaP906i
Panasonic P-01B
Panasonic P-02B
Panasonic P-10A


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