Nokia 3G HSPA Mobiles

HSPA (High Speed Packet Access ) is a 3G Family that provide a highspeed of download and upload between 14.4 mbps or 21.6 mbps depending upon the device.
Below are Nokia Handsets that supports 3G With HSPA.

Nokia 5230b
Nokia 5730Xp
Nokia 5800Xp
Nokia 5800Xp
Nokia 6110Na
Nokia 6120Cl
Nokia 6121Cl
Nokia 6124Cl
Nokia 6210Na
Nokia 6220Cl
Nokia 6260Sl
Nokia 6350
Nokia 6600Sl
Nokia 6650T
Nokia 6700Cl
Nokia 6700Sl
Nokia 6710Na
Nokia 6720Cl
Nokia 6730Cl
Nokia 6760Sl
Nokia 6790Su
Nokia Bookle
Nokia C5-00
Nokia C6-00
Nokia C6-00.
Nokia C6-01
Nokia CS-10
Nokia CS-12
Nokia CS-15
Nokia CS-17
Nokia CS-18
Nokia E5-00
Nokia E52
Nokia E55
Nokia E66
Nokia E71x
Nokia E72
Nokia E73
Nokia E75
Nokia E90
Nokia N77
Nokia N78
Nokia N79
Nokia N80
Nokia N8-00
Nokia N81
Nokia N81-2G
Nokia N82
Nokia N85
Nokia N86
Nokia N900
Nokia N95
Nokia N96
Nokia N97
Nokia N97Min
Nokia NM706i
Nokia X5-01
Nokia X6-00
Nokia X6-00m



  1. how to deactivate the settings for demand of lock code if sim changed if one dont rembember his or her lock code


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